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FLOW Philosophy

FLOW is a conduit. It provides a user-friendly and efficient platform to accelerate sales order fulfilment. Intrinsic value is created, such as streamlined operations, efficient processes, opportunity to scale, traceability and accountability. This gives you room to grow and enhance the potential of your business succeeding.

FLOW communicates directly with your existing accounting or ERP platform. It exposes only relevant information to lead the fulfilment process. FLOW does not duplicate data nor processes. During implementation at the customer, it can reveal existing accidental complexities, "work-arounds". We will assist, where possible and within our scope, in addressing these to propel your business into a FLOW-zone.

  • Seamlessly aggregate and insert customer orders from single or multiple sales sources into your on - premise or cloud hosted accounting or ERP system.
  • Fool proof and optimise the fulfilment of sales orders through Poka-yoke systems for mistake-proofing and vision systems for audit trail.
  • Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and non-value adding steps by creating and sending invoices and consignment information automatically to customers and service providers.
  • FLOW enforces the steps of the order fulfilment process, removing manual repeatable or error-prone steps
  • Reduce or eliminate non-value adding processes, such as mis-allocated stock and manage your backorders.
  • Improve customer expectations by automatically updating the ECommerce Platform with consignment details and notifying customers with tracking and accounting documents.
  • Capture consignment details as the order is fulfilled
  • Print your shipping labels
  • Notify shipping services that orders are ready for collection

Under the hood, FLOW has a modular ecosystem: a solid core with a plugin driven architecture. This enables a highly flexible, customisable and adaptable platform to support many different business environments, from single owner ECommerce stores to manufacturing and retail with multiple locations. Going forward, this architecture ensures FLOW is easy to maintain and support, giving agility to internal and/or external changing demands and requirements for your business. Due to an integrated business-architecture and sensitive financial information FLOW is currently only available as an on-premise solution.